Nov 05, 2008 · To find the IP address of the mail server, you need to do the following: 1. Click Start, Run and type cmd then click OK 2. Type ping (obviously replacing ) The set of numbers that you see next to the mail server name on the first line is the IP address that you need. Cheers.

Assuming that the VM router is as factory set then it will be giving out IP addresses on the subnet, I believe starting at .2 as .1 is the router itself. Disable DHCP on the VM Hub, don't connect the VM and BT Hubs together yet, connect a PC to one of the LAN ports on the BT Hub. In most cases, your router will get an IP address from your broadband supplier, and often, even if you repower the router you'll be assigned the same one as your router already has a DHCP lease for the IP address. While the router is powered on, when the lease expires, the router will request an extension to the lease. Jun 30, 2014 · In the BT Home Hub 5 example, then, given the router has an IP address of and the range is quoted as above, anything between and is fine. Change DNS on Router This means that either your operating system, broadband router or your service provider isn't IPv6 enabled. Don't worry--This is the case for most broadband users today. We would advise you to talk to your service provider about their plans to support IPv6, to encourage them to start work on enabling IPv6 on their network.

Jul 10, 2017 · This is the reason the example IP address pool above ends at .254. Never assign an address to the very start of the IP pool, e.g. as the start address is always reserved for the router. Even if you’ve changed the IP address of your router for security purposes, we’d still suggest against assigning a computer.

Re: BT Broadband's potential IP address range? [ re: paulbeattie87 ] [ link to this post ] Thanks, I think the 86 range appears to be the main one that I connect to, by looking back at my speed test results, the vast majority of which are acutally 86.131.* Apr 20, 2017 · Hi, I am having trouble getting a static IP to work on BT Business broadband. Have found lots of similar issues online, but no solutions. Problem: Sonicwall TZ215 connected to a BT Business Hub and have been given a block of static IPs from BT with (default GW, SN Mask, DNS etc).

Hi I’m having the same issue after installing a new BT router. I’ve found the IP address amongst my email info on my phone, but it still isn’t connecting to my Sky box. I understand there is a compatibility issue between BT broadband and Sky. My search continues. Good luck with yours.

BT Broadband - Full Fibre 900 Have also found that some sites that return your IP address report rather than the IP address reported by your router. New 24-month BT Broadband and BT TV contracts required. Prices and BT Sport content subject to change at any time. Payment by Direct Debit. Terms apply. BT Sport on BT TV with BT Superfast Fibre. BT Sport with BT TV: £15.00 a month. 24 month contract. New 24-month BT Broadband and BT TV contracts required. Check Public DNS IP Addresses for BT Broadband DNS Servers in United Kingdom. You can use these dns server ips in your windows or mac dns settings to fetch public ips of domains from that server. Hi, Expecting installation engineer on Tuesday. My LAN IP addresses are in the to 254 range spread over 7 computers and other devices, all set up as static IP addresses and I dont want to go round changing all the ip addresses to fit in with 192.168.1.xx etc. Does anyone know if chan