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Oct 05, 2019 · I’m quite confused by what with Warp (/Warp+) is doing with regards to my IP and if my ISP in the UK can see the sites I visit or searches I make? The first blog post suggested it would hide my identity when browsing the web, the second suggests it might (?) but just not allow me to spoof being in a different country to get around geo-blocks (like accessing Spanish Netflix in the UK They can also use your IP to monitor your online activity, such as comments. With your IP masked, they won’t be able to do it. Moreover, hiding your IP is an excellent way to bypass the internet filters your employer or school uses. Mask your IP and browse freely. Internet Protocol (IP) address is a string of numbers assigned to your device on the internet. Every device (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) has an IP. Without it, you couldn’t browse the net. When you type in the name of the website in the address bar (example.com), your computer looks up its IP address and takes you there. You may ask, why would I want to hide my IP address while browsing the internet. Moreover, as I am not up to anything illegal. Many people associate hiding there IP address with hacking or other illicit online activities. The truth is there are a multitude of completely legitimate reasons why you may want to hide your IP. Possible Reasons

Hi there. My IP blocker cannot connect to South Africa, although this was listed as a location. I also need to keep putting in a username and password to connect to IP addresses, but I do not have this. Please refund me my subscription and cancel it per your policy

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