Hi guys, My computer started this on Wed night , it says I am connected via the cable modem, but will not connect to the internet. I am using the computer desktop in bedroom to post this. This computer2 is connected via the router. For some reason even though I am connected directly to the modem an

Jan 31, 2019 Computer Basics: Connecting to the Internet A router is a hardware device that allows you to connect several computers and other devices to a single Internet connection, which is known as a home network.Many routers are wireless, which allows you to create a home wireless network, commonly known as a Wi-Fi network.. You don't necessarily need to buy a router to connect to the Internet. It's possible to connect your computer directly to What to Do if Windows Can't Connect to Your Printer | PCMag Apr 22, 2020 How to Fix: Can't Connect to Domain Controller (DNS Does Infopackets Reader Sam G. writes: " Dear Dennis, I hope you can help! I own a small business and we recently purchased a new, refurbished Server computer running Windows Server 2012 R2 DataCenter. I have set up the server as a domain controller, and now I'm trying to connect to the domain using my PC here at work - however, every time I try to connect, it gives me the error

How to Fix It When There's No Internet Connection

Solved: Desktop won't connect to internet | Tech Support Guy Dec 02, 2008 Why can't I connect to online games, but I can use the

Fixed Window 10 Can't Connect to Internet

As the heart of the home network, the router allows you to connect to the Internet, and share files and devices such as printers. When your computer cannot recognize the router, you may not be able Why Won't My Computer Connect to the Internet? | Angie's List The Internet is a great tool for learning, communicating, and often, wasting time. It is a massive web stretching the world over and into space, but sometimes it doesn’t even seem to stretch to your door. Everyone hates being disconnected from the web. Here are a few reasons why your computer may not be connecting to the Internet. How to Repair a Network Connection in Windows 7 - dummies