Billions of people can't access the Internet. A Human Right is ensuring that everyone can get online. × Note: A Human Right discontinued its work in 2016. Several projects live on through various partnerships. This website remains to honor our longstanding commitment to Internet for all. Thanks to all who supported us over the years.

(PDF) Internet Access as a New Human Right? State of the Keywords: Internet access, human rights, cultural rights, right to bene t from scienti c progress and its applications. Ł S , Adam Mickiewicz University in P oznań, F aculty of Law and Is Internet access a human right? | Internet access as a human right would allow for everyone to gain access to the Internet, Thus complying with the freedom of speech as they can share their thoughts and beliefs. In summation, The creation of the Internet was a pivotal moment in the human history. Now, Internet access must be a human right as it allows us to communicate more Why Internet Access Is a Human Right - Carnegie Endowment Jun 01, 2017 Zimbabwe: Internet Access a Human Right - Misa -

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Jul 29, 2016 Should Internet Access Be A Basic Human Right? | Kialo Internet is a necessity for people's ability to adequately access their right to freedom of expression of opinion. The internet provides immense opportunity, and society should at least offer equality of opportunity. Therefore, easy access to internet should be a human right. Internet Access A Human Right: MISA » 263Chat