How to setup Cisco VPN using VPNC Ubuntu Jaunty (9.04 Aug 01, 2009 Ubuntu Network Manager: Enabling and disabling An Alternative to Ubuntu network manager is systemd-networkd, which is the default backend service in Ubuntu server 18.04. So if you want to disable the NetworkManager, then the networkd service should be enabled, while it is better to disable networkd service when network manager is running. Disable Network Manager and enable systemd-networkd

Nov 22, 2012

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How to install and configure the Cisco VPN client on a

Configure Open Connect Using GUI on Ubuntu 16.40/CentOS7 yum install openconnect vpnc NetworkManager-openconnect NOTE: If the packages are not found, you might need to add additional EPEL repository in CentOS 7. sudo yum install epel-release sudo yum --enablerepo=epel install openconnect vpnc NetworkManager-openconnect. Ubuntu 16.04 sudo apt-get install openconnect vpnc network-manager-openconnect Connecting to a Palo Alto Network GlobalProtect Gateway Nov 22, 2012 How to Restart Network in Ubuntu [Command Line & GUI]